About Me

The quick skinny:

- Born in Winston-Salem

- Raised in Florida

- Winstonite since college

- Background in Computer Science and I minored in Math and Music

The Illness stuff: 

- Undiagnosed Patient living with MS-like symptoms that don't show up on MRI's

- Officially labeled with Migraines and CFS/ME

- But the stuff like numbness and neuropathy on my right side and celiac-level reactions to gluten and dairy and ridiculous amounts of pain... seem to point to other forces at work

- My latest theory was something having to do with Mast Cell issues

Before I was sick:

- I ran 5k's, 10k's, a RAGNAR and a few Sprint Tri's (though not very fast)

- Coached Girls On The Run

- Volunteered at a bunch of places, including the homeless shelter and other downtown-outreach type stuff

- Traveled a bunch, though not as much as I now wish I had

These days:

- Church choir and Bible study

- Coffee with friends

- Blogging and QT with the cat

- Doctor appointments, physical therapy, and trying to read medical research papers with what I can remember from high school Biology (I took Physics in college. My bad.)

The blog is anonymous, but not a secret.. 

My friends and family know who I am, but for now I'm keeping my name and face out of it because I'd like the option to move on at some point.

I'm still assuming that I'm going to get better and be 'well' at some point, and while this stage of life will always be a part of me, I'd like to be able to walk into a job interview and not have it come up in a google search, ya know...

But it's been a great creative exercise, and in a strange way has been a source of structure and has helped me process through a lot of what has happened. Plus it's helped organize what I've learned through my own journey and through connecting with patient communities and other med-focused groups.

The best ways to reach me are through Twitter or Email.

Thanks for visiting! 

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