Saturday, January 21, 2017

From the Choir Loft: Hails and Farewells and Private Tours

Greetings dear choristers!

Welcome to Choir: Spring 2017 edition!

After a first-week (which I missed) and a snow-week, we are officially back!

It was a great night, very full of new and old faces, and a surprise spelunking expedition. Seriously a great and fun night.


I spotted some new faces as I sheepishly snuck into the alto section a tad tardy. Welcome new choristers, and hope to officially meet you soon!


Alas, we also celebrated, with food, drink*, and stories, the news of Gordo's retirement.

Fear not that his talents will be neglected: the inside scoop says that he has already been recruited by the Arbor Acres Sharps and Flats!

Confirmed: we will be kept apprised of any upcoming concerts to ensure that his many fans will be in attendance.

(Though as a former Southern Baptist I always suspect there's a flask hidden somewhere in any Presbyterian choir loft ;)

The Organ Tour:

Whilst the organ is under repair, it is open for super-secret private tours!

If you are able*, I highly recommend journeying to the center of the pipes with Susan.

My only regret is that I didn't take video. The pictures don't do justice to the size and scale, and Susan is a great tour guide, with all sorts of technical and musical and historic information. Very very cool to hear a musician talk about an instrument she loves playing!

*the only catch: it does require some climbing ability. 9 days out of 10 I wouldn't have been able to do it, so I'm so glad I was having one of those 1-in-10 good days this week! For this reason, I don't think I'll be able to go back up, but if someone wants to take pictures/video, let me know and I can post them on a future blog edition.

This Week:

Christus Paradox. Yes. This week. The 22nd. Confirmed.

Despite the assurances of M. Dodds... "it's an easy piece!" "piece of cake" "we'll be great!" I have the recording on repeat the rest of the afternoon... 

Of note: there is a lengthy in-depth commentary attached to the sheet music, from which we learn -
It's an exceedingly thoughtful text, reflecting on some of the many names of Christ.
And.... that's as far as I got, while the Tenors were working on their parts.

Some Housekeeping:

M. Dodds would like to remind us that the 6:30 rehearsal begins at 6:30. Also, the 8:15 Sunday morning rehearsal begins at 8:15.

Mea culpa. Add "on-time to choir" to my resolutions. And probly to "Lenten goals", as well.....

Seeya Sunday (or soon)!

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