Friday, October 14, 2016

From the Choir Loft

True to namesake, The Truant Chorister was absent last week. Fatigue has set in from some new pain meds, and I'm afraid I can guarantee neither the entertainment value nor the accuracy of this week's post.

Expectations lowered? Excellent! let's get to it:

This Week:

We've now started the long road til Christmas, with extended rehearsals and quick changes between tra-la-las and Latin (or German? to be honest, I was afraid to look too closely at that one piece with the I-talics in the blue folder. You know the one.)

I feel like I just got back into a good routine of 5k runs, and suddenly found myself at half-marathon practice!

Fun Facts:

7th chords are exciting. Like spices!

Though perhaps too exciting for this choir member, when tired and trying to find a note against the Sopranos. #I'mJustSayin #ProfoundApologiesToMyNearestNeighbors

But the triads-gone-wild serve a purpose -- they give direction.

Also: Compound Melodies are a thing, and I'm curious how they fit into the world of fugues and rounds, but apparently not curious to google it this afternoon.

Lessons in Music Lit:

"So much of what we sing is rooted in dance"

And dance, in the western world, tends to follow a certain pattern:
1. New dance is introduced
2. New dance is trendy and cool and an abomination and The World Will End because of it
3. New dance becomes mainstreamed (aka: when your favorite rock song hits the 'oldies' station.)
4. New dance becomes appropriated by artists and becomes high-art

And thus, a generation's scandalous dances eventually become 'boring' symphonic themes or operatic arias.

Examples: Tango. Waltz. Volta.

I will leave it to the Christmas Concert audience to guess which part of the program has a 'saucy' backstory.


Unfortunately, I cannot link this week's Anthem Of The Week as it is an extra-special, unique-to FPWS arrangement by one of our very talented composers/artists-in-residence (who you may have seen around town).

I can tell you it's a version of His Eye Is On The Sparrow but you'll just have to trust me that if you can make it to early service you'll be in for a real treat.

Also: the young chimers are ringing. Or possibly children's choir? But definitely maybe one of those.

Helpful Hints aka: How To Hack Choir Practice

So here's the deal -- I can read music, but am not at the moment in possession of a piano.

Best solution I've found so far: the keyboard feature of GarageBand App on my Ipad(mini).

Not too helpful if you're actually trying to play it like a real piano, but very helpful in picking out notes for a single line.

'til next week. (Or the week after...)

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