Friday, October 28, 2016

From The Choir Loft: Change Ringing Edition

This Week:

We laid out the Christmas-season Choose Your Own Choir Adventure options:

1. All-season Sunday Morning Sanctuary Choir
 Commitment: Choir rehersal from 6:30-8:30 Wednesday nights

2. Christmas Concert Dec 11th only
Commitment: First half of Wednesday rehersals

3. Christmas EVE choir
Commitment: a couple fun and festive! rehersals between 12/18 and 12/24

4. New! Everybody Loves Handel - One Sunday Only, Dec 18th performance of "For Unto Us"
Commitment: One! Dec 14th Wenesday rehersal

Fun Facts:

Two words -- Change. Ringing.

If you missed the live-action reinactment demonstrated by M Dodds, you Missed Out!

Dig the propaganda from the North American Guild of Change Ringers:
Change Ringing is . . .
A team sport
A musical performance
An antique art &
A demanding pattern-based exercise. . . All at once! 
Basically, change ringing is what you get with Math Combinatorics + Church Bells -- Playing the bells in different permutations, as determined by how long it takes each bell to reset after it's pulled.

In case you were wondering, the closest bell towers are Hendersonville and Raleigh, which seems a gross oversight by the City of Arts and Innovation.

(Apparently Wait Chapel doesn't count because you can play the bells with a keyboard. The Bok Tower Carillon is in the same boat..)

Change Ringing at the National Cathedral

In-depth Explanation of the Math Involved

Really Fun Example With Handbells


This Sunday, we're working on a challenging, pentatonic version of The Lord Is My Shephard (Rutter), with a great oboe part.

In Seriousness:

2016 had been a difficult year in this state, country and planet we call earth. It's also been a difficult year for many dear and faithful members of First Pres.

I am grateful for a church that shares their honest lives in the prayer list. At a big church, with multiple services, where you might not know half the people by sight, it unites us in prayer for each other.

And makes suffering, sorrow, pain, illness, less lonely to know the folks who might seem like they have it all together on Sunday morning are dealing the real things of life just like you are.

It is the anti-facebook. The real stuff of life that we need to share and bear with each other, in order to be a community that cares for each other.

And I am so incredibly grateful for this church choir. As a community within the church, it is more like a small-group, or a Sunday School class. Only, more diverse, I would argue, than any other group you'll find.

As a single girl without kids, and a smidge too old to be a 'young adult' there aren't that many places that I fit. So I especially love church groups that are activity-based, united on a shared interest instead of life-stage.

And choir has been an overflowing blessing of community. Not all church choirs are like this, of course, but I am so grateful mine is. A community to share with, rejoice with, laugh with, worship with, pray with.

God knew so well that I would need this community and I would wish such a group for anyone wanting to find the place where they 'fit' in their community of faith.

Wherever you go, God is sending you.

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