Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Five: Baseball Movies

In honor of the 2016 Cubs vs Cleveland World Series.....

Baseball is a far third in my book, behind basketball and football, but live games, even especially minor league games, are always lots of fun.

Was trying to remember how many ballparks we were able to hit for family vacations... The Florida Wildcat will have to confirm.

But possibly: San Francisco, Chicago, Kansas City, Boston, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, Detroit(?), Baltimore(?), Philly(?), Cleveland(?), Tampa(?), Oakland*
*Technically not a game -- it was during the strike, and we sort-of snuck on the field...

This year's World Series features teams from Major League and Rookie of the Year. Here are a few other good ones, though I can't imagine where you'd find the time with football in full swing and basketball season about to start....

Five Baseball Movies

1. Baseball Documentary by Ken Burns

2. Field of Dreams

3. Moneyball

4. The Natural

5. The Sandlot

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