Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Resources And Recs: Medical Supply Companies in Winston Salem

During the Great Search for a good set of crutches, I realized that others might be able to benefit from my (many) Goldilocks experiences through the local medical system.

I've written a short review of my encounters at the medical supply companies I visited, which I will share here, but have also posted on a new page: Resources and Recs.

The link to Resources will always be available at the top Nav Bar, so it will be easy to find.

One caveat: I struggle with sharing my many frustrating, strange, sometimes hilarious encounters with specific medical providers.. It doesn't seem fair to the individual to 'out' them this way. So whenever possible, I may relate my experience and refer to the office or group they refer to, and encourage readers to contact me directly if they are looking for more info in a provider search.

So here it is, the first addition to "Resources and Recs":

In my search for Lofstrand crutches, in which I needed to find not just affordable crutches, but input/advice/guidance on mobility aides in general:

Forsyth Medical Supply -- 
- did not take insurance; no discount offered
- crowded store
- not much guidance offered

Bio-Tech -- 
- genuinely helpful and engaged
- does take insurance
- does not sell crutches or wheelchairs -- only orthotics and prosthetics

Holladay Medical Supply -- 
- somewhat difficult to navigate
- does not file insurance, but offers affordable pricing
- genuinely caring and helpful; spending a significant amount of time researching options and finding the best solution
Bonus points: a friend seconds the Holladay recommendation, due to their help and assistance when she was caring for a family member.

Advanced Home Care -- 
- seems to specialize in lift chairs, walkers, wheelchairs, and breathing equipment
- helped fix the walking sticks with a few extra parts
- only offered one (poorly designed) pair of crutches
- does file insurance
- offered out-of-the-box solutions

The Blog Recommends: 

If you're specifically looking for crutches, I think the best bet is Holladay.

If you are looking for crutches and need to file insurance, the best bet is to keep looking.

But if you're looking for equipment or mobility aids aside from crutches, I'd recommend everyone except Forsyth Medical. They weren't terrible, just not as good as the rest.

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