Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Five: Broken and Mended

Broken and Mended

Things that were either broken or needed work in the last week or so:

Glass candy-shaped chatchkies -- broken when I ran into/tripped over the coffee table, sending them flying across the floor. Unable to fix, but had to clean up the mess.

Wasps -- attempting to build a new nest in the siding just above my usual front-porch-sitting-spot.

Fixed by an adventurous trip to the hardware store in which I had to explain that yes, I do use walking sticks because yes, I do have balance issues, but I am, actually, planning on taking care of this myself if at all possible. (Gentleman employee looked suspiciously at the sticks and the phrase "not sure what this situation is" was used. He meant well and I do not begrudge him the awkwardness, but it was NOT the right day for such an encounter).

And then spraying said wasp next from a second-floor perch, after taking out the window and screen from an upstairs window. The Gato Diablo was very unhappy for a few days, as I would not let her outside lest the residual spray was still hanging around.

Hiking Sticks -- the hiking sticks were a good idea but have been problematic for a number of reasons (stay tuned on an upcoming post about the pros and cons....). But because I use them in a way they weren't really designed for: straps are broken (because I used the straps as leverage, to support my body weight.. so the sticks by themselves without them are just not as helpful), and feety-things are completely worn out, with the metal poking through. All of it fixable but in the long run, crutches are probably the safer/better option.

Cable Modem -- fixed with a ridiculous trip to the Cable company storefront, which resulted in a new modem with better features but zero instructions, taking the better part of a day to set up.

Legs -- Not literally broken, like bones or anything, but after failing to find a parking spot, walking two blocks to church, spending several hours in an epsecially physically active choir practice... well, lets just say there wasn't a lot of leaving the couch the next day. Legs felt like I'd spend an hour doing hill-repeats followed by a good round of squats and deadlifts for good measure. Painful and weak and I'm afraid this is TMI, but one of those days where I was sick in my stomach anytime I stood up. Yick.

Bonus points: forgot to turn the stove off this afternoon. A sad day for Leftovers....

Here's to a better week ahead!

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