Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Five: US Medals Not Swimming or Gymnastics

Gymnastics and Swimming are awesome, but this Friday Five is a shoutout to some of the other Team USA medal winners this week.

Love all the hardware these guys are bringing home, and I love hearing a little bit about the background and accomplishments of sports that are a little off the radar -- the Olympics catches people at their best, and we get the benefit of seeing all of the hard work at the range, or track, or gym that they've put in for so many years.

In other news, I'd just like to point out that the offical Rio website has apparently used the athlete's ID card (or possibly, Passport) photos as profile pics instead of any sort of actual photo-shoot/instagram/facebook/decent photos. Get it together, Rio.


Virginia Thrasher -- Air Rifle
Thrasher won the first Gold of the games, which means the first Gold for Team USA, in sort-of an upset.
Which is just crazy.
The game is Riflery.
And she's from West Virginia.
If we aren't actively recruiting our Olympic Shooting teams from Tennessee and West Virginia, and winning Phelps-like medal counts, there is no hope for America, I'm just saying.

Corey Cogdell -- Trap Shooting
Bronze medal won during a sudden death shootoff.
Corey's from Alaska. My apologies, terrible oversight, pls definitely add Alaska to TN and WV on the official recruitment tour.


Kayla Harrison
Kayla now has two Olympic Golds. Rock. Star.

Travis Stevens
Silver for the three-time Olympian who overcame a severe bacterial infection in which he almost lost his leg. A year ago. Seriously.


Kristin Armstrong -- Time Trials
Won her 3rd Gold in her 3rd back-to-back-toback Olympics, at 42 years old. Rock On.
*Special props out to the cyclists since Winston is home of the National Cycling Center. Just Sayin.


Alexander Massialas - Foil
Two time Olympian bringing home Silver, which is the first medal in Foil in a long time.

Daryl Homer -- Sabre
Two time Olympian bringing home Silver, originally from St Thomas (US Islands).


Phillip Dutton -- Eventing
Multi-Time Olympian wins Bronze for his first individual medal. He was born in Australia and previously competed for the Aussies, but now for Team USA. Because 'Merca.

Extra credit: Archery. Men's team brought home Silver. 

And that's it! Seriously, all the other US medals (as of late Thursday night) are Swimming, Diving, and Gymanstics. 

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