Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Announcements: Domain Names and E-Blasts

A couple quick blog announcements to wind down the summer --

First Up: 

I finally got around to buying a domain, so the blog can now be reached at: is still valid, but this gives me a little flexibility if I ever decide to join the Wordpress revolution.

Second Up:

I'm officially announcing the official launch of the Once A Month Blog-Blast.

An email that will go out at the beginning of each month highlighting a couple of my favorite blog posts, previewing the next events, books, and courses that the blog expect to cover in case you want to follow along, and also highlighting some of my other endeavors (like maybe an Etsy store) and some special promos and offers for blog readers (like, say free shipping at said Etsy store).

You are always welcome to sign up for the RSS email feed as well, but the Blog Blast will be its own thing.. I feel like I've been going in a bunch of different directions lately, and I'm hoping this will help tie it all together.

Thanks for joining me on this next step in the Great Blog-Venture!

Stay tuned for some posts about the awesomeness of church choir, and my recap of Space Camp Astronaut Training the crazy Vestibular Balance Disorder Testing that went down last week.

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