Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Five: Five Summer Treats

Big sky, bright blue and green days... June is summer, and summer wants its own treats.

The Friday Five Summer Treats

1. Plums 

One plum is always enough, but I always doubt this and go crazy with the stone fruit anyways. So. Good.

2. Girly summer drinks. 

HT had this Prosecco on sale and even though I am a lightweight and could only have a couple glasses over a couple days before it went flat, I couldn't resist.

3. My new favorite apples

Apples may be fall fruits but it is a universal truth that all fruit is for summer. And these are from New Zealand, so reverse the seasons, and the math works out. I think. In any event, I'm officially declaring Smittens the new Honey Crisps. (Full disclosure: the apps pictured were my old faves, Gala.)

4. Summer Reading

My dear aunt turned me on to the Spellman series, and I think it might deserve a re-read this summer...

5. Porch Rocking

Every since my summer camp days, summer in North Carolina has been synonymous with front porch rocking. I have patio furniture that sort-of rocks but every now and then I debate a change to hammock or legitimate rocker...

What are some of your summer favorites?

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