Friday, May 27, 2016

The Friday Five: Memorial Day Edition

It's Memorial Day weekend, which means a long weekend, and the start of summer, and a ton of Facebook posts with flags and admonishments to 'remember those who fought so you could enjoy our cookouts'.

But with such a big gap between the civilian and military populations, I would say instead just - remember that for many, it is a day of personal grief.

Five For Memorial Day

1LT Tom Martin Foundation

Read about Tom, and the legacy his family has established, to provide scholarships and share his story, and the wonderful project: Keeping TIME.

Travis Manion Foundation

Read about Travis Manion, and the legacy his family has established, to support families and transitioning veterans. (Article at Task and Purpose)


The new book about why transitioning from Military to Civilian life is so difficult, and why our society is so divided and isolating. (Recap from Task and Purpose)

Taking Chance

Powerful movie from HBO, about a fallen marine's final trip home.

Local Events

Events around Winston include LVJM Coliseum, Triad Park, the Lewisville town square, a parade in Thomasville.

More links from the Veteran's Day post.

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