Monday, April 25, 2016

Music Monday: The Oh Hellos

The Oh Hello's have been lurking around in the background of my musical word, waiting for me to hit stop. repeat. and pay them some attention.

It seems kismet that I found their song 'Second Child' today, as the Second Child of my family (my 'big' younger brother) and his wife are off on a grand adventure on the far side of the world (spoiler alert for next week, if you caught that).

The Oh Hellos

Through The Deep Dark Valley [Amazon]

Dear Wormwood [Amazon]

Second Child [Youtube]

"See I was born a second child, with a spirit running wild"

NPR Tiny Desk Concert: [Youtube]
Some of the music here is from The Oh Hellos' recent second album, Dear Wormwood, which was inspired in part by the writings of C.S. Lewis; it's about a protagonist who doubts a relationship before finding the resolve to never look back.

Happs Bday to my far away family.

"Be Good, Be Safe"

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