Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Five: Cleaning Out the Inbox

My inbox is jam-packed with links I've sent to myself to read later...

So I read through the stuff until I could find 5 that were worth sharing --

Todays Friday Five: Five Random Links.

Interrogation of Patient Smartphone Activity Tracker to Assist Arrhythmia Management

Fitness trackers are useful for more than just encouraging exercise.

Seeing Cell to Cell Differences for First Time Explains Symptoms of Rare Genetic Disorders, Finds Penn Study

Figuring out the stuff going on in the cells of people with rare genetic disorders.

RX: The Quiet Revolution

Doing medicine differently. Told from doctor's perspective. Needs a companion piece told from patient perspective.

Autonomic correlations with MRI are abnormal in the brainstem vasomotor centre in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The did some special MRI scans and found weird stuff in Chronic Fatigue patients which seems to show that the parts of the brain that control different functions (like heartrate and blood pressure) are okay but there's a problem with the way they talk together, which could explain some of the hr/bp problems that CFS patients have.

64 Healthcare IoT Startups In Patient Monitoring, Clinical Efficiency, Biometrics, And More

64 Startups making new healthcare tech. (And the problems they are trying to solve).

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