Saturday, March 5, 2016

Wildcat Sports: Welcome to March

It's officially my favorite month of the year, yal!

March is just the absolute best. We can put winter behind us, and head outside again. Throw open the windows and get a bit of a break on the electric bill. And oh yeah, Wall To Wall Basketball to celebrate spring and life and bring joy to your heart.

You can have Valentine's Day and Birthdays and Hippity Hop baskets. (Just to be clear: keeping the Resurrection. 'Jesus' parts of holidays are all 'keeps'.) Give me March Madness and I am one happy girl.

But before we get to the big dance, we still have to close out the regular season and make our way through the conference tournaments.

Which makes it a great time to check in on the competition -- catch up on the teams that are supposed to make a big run, or might be set for a surprise upset.

As much as I love Kentucky Basketball, I love College Basketball even more, and even if Kentucky is having a rough year, I will love watching the tournament and picking bracket upsets and testing out my new 'system', and setting up the annual Family and Friends pool....

Welcome to March, let the games begin!

If it's Saturday, you may not want to watch.

5 losses on Saturdays, and I just want to suggest maybe we should adjust the schedule. Just sayin.

Here's what happened.

And oh yeah, and Vandy stormed the court. I forgot about that.

The recovery road trip to Florida

Aka: the game in which everyone showed up, played hard, and the shots were in our favor.

Also: the reason why Hope Springs Eternal even through the rough season we've had.

A good day in the Sunshine State

Notes, stats, and Other takeaways

Catch up on everyone else's season:



Everyone Else

Weird fact for a weird year: 

BC might finish the season without a single conference win in football or basketball. 

Next Up

LSU March 5, 2:00 PM

SEC Tournament March 9-13

Seeds? Here's your handy guide.

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