Monday, March 7, 2016

Music Monday: Itzhak Perlman and J. S. Bach

I've been a little 'meh' about music the past few days, seeking out quiet and stillness.

So I'm pulling from my when in doubt, in emergency, brake glass stash and finding Bach. and Perlman. Together.

Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Just what I needed this week.

Bach - Solo Violin Sonatas

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Sonata No1, parts 1-3 on Youtube

My first introduction to Itzhak Perlman was on Sesame Street. Later I was able to see his dress rehearsal for a performance with the Orlando Philharmonic, either through the school Suzuki group or FSYO. And so he became one of the heroes of my childhood and teenage years.

But watching the Sesame Street appearance again I realized with a shock that I am not just the girl learning to play violin anymore, but also the one using a walking stick to get around, and avoiding stairs.

Good grief, music is a mixed bag these days, magnifying everything that is easy and hard, good and bad, old life vs new life.

It's a tempting moment to overthink all of this.

Instead I think I will load the iphone, and take a cup of coffee and a new book out into the bright sunshine of a beautiful day, with a beautiful soundtrack.

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