Friday, March 11, 2016

Links and Lists: Five Great Not-Candy Easter Basket Gifts

Easter is quickly approaching, and I was reminded of The Great Stocking Dilemma: when someone has food restrictions, what do you give them instead of candy? Not just from a gluten or dairy perspective, but also diabetics (or just health-conscious folks) avoiding sugar....

So I thought a great Friday Five might be to come up with fun, easy, small gift ideas that would be a great substitute for candy.


Part of the reason candy is such a popular thing is that it's so easy for the gift-giver. Walk into any grocery store and somewhere between produce and the cash registers you will walk into a Wall Of Sugar And Chocolate.

So I tried to think of ideas that are just as easy to find -- stuff found at regular grocery stores, and won't require any extra planning or hoop-jumping.

Also... It's not really a kid-focused list. Best guess for kids would be those small toys that can fit in plastic eggs?

Also.... I decided to avoid Gluten-Free/Sugar-Free type substitute-candy because it can be difficult for the gift-giver to filter through confusing packaging. The whole point is to find gift-ideas that are easy!

Well, enough with the ground-rules, let's get to the good stuff!

The Friday 5 Small Gift Ideas That Aren't Candy:

- Coffee or Tea. Coffee or Tea. I absolutely love finding my favorite coffee in my stocking or Easter basket! K-cups seem especially appropriate since they are sort-of candy-sized, but whole bean is a wonderful treat, too. One caveat: probably steer clear of the flavored versions -- hazelnut/vanilla bean/mocha-almond... (Amazon)

Kitchen Chachkies: A fun dish towel or pot holder, or special mug or nested measuring cups. I usually forget that the grocery store carries these things, and look for them at Target or Crate and Barrel, but there are sometimes fun, unique items hidden between the paper plates and cleaning supplies. (Amazon)

- Small Gift Cards. I love getting small $5 gift cards that give me permission to 'splurge' on the occasional impulse item. Great small-amount card ideas: iTunes, Whole Foods, Starbucks, or Amazon... (Amazon)

- Journals and Pens, Notecards, or Coloring Books. Adult coloring books are crazy trendy right now; therapeutic and relaxing, and something about 'mindfulness'.... I haven't tried it yet, but I've been thinking about jumping on the bandwagon... (Amazon)

- A Favorite Magazine. Real Simple, Our State, Garden and Gun.... National Geographic... Wired.... Especially if it's an edition related to a special interest of the 'gift-ee' (Amazon)

I would love suggestions, what are your favorite small-gift ideas that aren't candy?

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