Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wildcat Sports: Coach Ulis For President Edition

It's been a ridiculous campaign season, but I've finally found my candidate -- Tyler Ulis for President. El Capitan took the reigns last weekend, and the cats found some fire.

Not to take away from Coach Payne, who deserves a ton of credit for keeping the kids together and giving the them the confidence they needed to step up.

But in an unpredictable season, it was great to see the team take the craziest wildcard of them all and hit one out of the park. (Yes, that's poker and baseball. You know what I mean.)

And Then: Revenge on the team in Orange.

It was a glorious week.

If you're just catching up, beware, though, there be injuries afoot. (Yes, I just switched to pirates. There was a version of this post that started 'Once upon a time, in a kingdom called South Carolina.' Roll with me here.)

Hoping for some quick-healing injuries, and that we can keep the momentum going.

Go Cats. BBN.

The Technicals Heard Round the Big Blue Nation

Conspiracy theories and Caption contest

When you crush a team by 27 points after losing your coach in the first 2 minutes... Everbody learns something

The Glorious Wonderful Stupendously Fun Win in South Carolina

What a night

Every week should be Tyler Ulis week

Against Tennessee:

It was a messy win but a really good one

Highlights and more about All the stuff that happened

Game Day Notes:

Get Ready for Texas A&M

What Cal Said and Injury Updates

Spoiler Alert: A&M is giving out T-Shirts.
Every. Single. Time. I swear.
If it weren't for Kentucky basketball, SEC fans would have nothing to wear while they wash their cars.

Other Weird Stuff:

Pitino is hosting a reunion of the '96 team championship.... in Miami.

There are new uniforms and logos. Again. Apparently now we're Pumas. Or something.

Next Up:

Texas A&M Today, at 6:30

Alabama Feb 23, at 7:00

More Wildcat Sports

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