Saturday, February 13, 2016

Wildcat Sports: Bouncing Back and Steamrolling Through The South East

It's years like this that I couldn't be more grateful for being a basketball school in the SEC. Every time you start to feel a little uncertain about the season, you run into a game like Georgia and feel much much better.

Say it with me and smile: 19 point win over the Gators

Depending on how March goes, we might want to call this team the "Bounce Back"s

One more time: Thirty-Four point domination over Georgia

The steamroller rolled on and I say ruthlessness is always a good quality to cultivate

Words from Coach: On South Carolina, injuries, and some other stuff

I don't care what you think about Tennessee or Peyton Manning, this tribute from the Punch Brothers is brilliant:

Next Games:

Sat Feb 13 at South Carolina 12:00 pm

Thurs Feb 18 vs Tennessee 7:00 pm
(aka: vengeance)

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