Friday, February 5, 2016

Wildcat Basketball: The Season Rolls On

So... not a great week to be a cat.

The game against Kansas was a truly incredible, tournament-worthy game. High energy, both teams playing with guts.

The problem was foul trouble. But deeper than that, there was a point in the second half where we started playing like what we are -- freshmen. A little scared, a little frantic, and then people start taking random shots from weird places and making stupid fouls.... and the wheels start to come off.

It was a really great game, but I was not buying it as a moral victory then and especially not after Tenn.

The Tenn game was.... horrifying. Blowing a 21-point lead and losing to your next-door neighbor does not a good game make.

The season rolls on and I'm afraid we've had a glimpse of what March will be like. My fingers are crossed for an elite-8 finish.

The Links:

The valiant-effort-moral-victory Kansas Recap

The don't-give-up-on-them-yet Tenn Recap

What makes everyone feel bettter? New outfits. What is even better than new outfits? Complaining about them and the stupid new logo. Whether you love 'm or hate 'm, catch the unveiling live this morning at 10:30.

Next Games:

Sat Feb 6 vs Florida - 4:00

Tues Feb 9 vs Georgia - 9:00

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