Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weekend Links

There is a lonnnng list of random links and articles sitting in a staging folder waiting me to collate them into articles.

And every week I add to more to it. I've now come to a stage of acceptance that this organizing and collating is just not going to happen, so I now present: the random things I read this week.

20 Websites Every College Student Needs
I'm long out of college, but I love lists about what the 'kids' are into these days. Definitely want to check out Prezi.

7 Startups Posed to Join the Unicorn Club
Quick glimpse at innovators ready to break out in a number of industries

Why Innovation in Health Care is So Hard
Very interesting insights into the way the health care industry works, and the forces at work that can prevent growth and change. (Triple bookmarked.)

Color scheme generator -- makes picking colors that go together much much easier.

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