Friday, February 19, 2016

Links and Lists: The Friday Five

I'm Reading:

5 Things You Can't Do in Healthcare (IT Industry) Anymore
Spoiler: Technology is important. So is data. So is security. And you need to actively engage your customers, aka: patients.

I'm Watching:

The X-files. The original seasons are on Netflix, and I'm working my way through these 5 rewatching-roadmaps. Nothing says 'geek' like charting out a sci-fi tv series. But there you have it. #datascience

I'm Using: 

Bing Search Engine to earn reward points. But it's terrible. Seriously, terrible. Almost everything I search for I have to re-search on google, and there's something about the way the results are displayed that's driving me up the wall.

Still... if you'd like to earn rewards, sign up with this referral link ; )

I Want:

One of these awesome retro space travel posters from JPL. They're free, but I really want a big-size professionally printed one.

Ask and it shall be given you:

Last week I was lamenting the soon-to-be-over free trial of PHPStorm. Turns out there's all sorts of options for licensing, and I was looking at the enterprise-company prices, not the ones for humble solitary programmers. Amen. Hallelujah.

Don't forget to check out the new web app if you haven't yet! Drug Allergen Search

Have a great weekend, yal!

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