Friday, February 12, 2016

Links and Lists: The Friday Five

Inspired by both the "Friday Favorites" and "The Weekender" posts over at Foodie Stays Fit, and deciding alliteration should win the day.....

The Blog is announcing The Friday Five! Five random pieces of life for Friday. Fear not, Wildcat Sports will return to Saturdays, as "Saturday Sports" just sounds right.

The Friday Five:

I'm Watching:

Agent Carter.

Not a comic book fan, but I am just loving this show -- His Girl Friday meets Covert Affairs, with just a little bit of Eureka to keep you guessing.

Hooray for strong, smart female leads. In this case a post-war spy with fantastic hats.

I'm Reading:

A fantastic science article. Everything we've ever known about gravity. Spoiler Alert: We now have a way to detect it. Game Changing.

I Want:

New (to me) doctors to check out my Linked-In profile before our first appointment. For so many reasons.

I Need:

A do-over on beef stew. It was a valiant effort, but was just missing... something. Don't say onions.

I'm Using:

PHPStorm to work an a new web app I'm building. Good news is it's been awesome, bad news -- my free trial is running out and it's super expensive. Will have to find a backup plan soon.

An Official Announcement about the web app is coming next week, but if you want a sneak peek, you can check it out at: Drug Allergen Search!

Have a great weekend, yal!

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