Friday, February 26, 2016

Links and Lists: The Friday Five - No-Electric Booklist Edition

We had a bad wind-storm this week, and between losing 'electric' (as my grandmother would say) and 'internet' (two separate events), appointments, and errands and life....

Well, we're going a different direction for the Friday Five.

The 5 Power-Is-Out, All-Is-Lost, End-Of-Civilization-As-We-Know-It Booklist:

- Alas, Babylon

The definitive how-to survival book. If you are surviving a nuclear attack in a 1950's small town in Central Florida (Mount Dora).

- Collapse

"How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed."

- Emma

To remind us that civilization did exist without electricity.

- The Count of Monte Cristo

To remind us that swashbuckle-adventuring happens best without electricity.

Failure Is Not An Option and/or Moon Shot

The counter-measure to 'Babylon'. After all, we did win the space-race and manage to avoid thermonuclear war. #winning.

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