Friday, January 29, 2016

Wildcat Sports: Two Good Wins, and Bring On Kansas

Folks, it was a great week to be a cat, with a couple confidence-boosting wins that were just what we need.

...especially with the Kansas Jayhawks up next, and I'd be lying if I said I had a good feeling about it.

But if there's anything I know from being raised a wildcat, it's that you're not really a wildcat if you have a good feeling about a game.

So go find your lucky shirt, and make sure you have your halftime Blanton's ready (and maybe some Elmer's for afterwards... either way, it'd be appropriate.)

Here's what things look like from here, and I'll see you on the other side.

The Recaps:

Really fun game against Mizzou, (especially considering their -ahem- recent infractions) where we saw:

 - Cal said he broke Skal, but hopefully it's not too late to fix him:
At halftime and after the game, Calipari accepted blame for trying to make Skal a big like Karl Towns or Shaquille O’Neal when he clearly is not. 
“I probably screwed Skal up, I’m trying to make him Karl Towns. He’s not Karl Towns. Can’t play like Karl Towns. He probably shoots better than Karl Towns. Karl will love hearing that, but he’s not Karl. Karl had a nasty beast streak in him.”
 - Derek Willis is determined to be the breakout star of the year.

 - Ulis being ulis. El Capitan had 20 points. Again.

Vandy feels like ancient history, but it was a good win, too.

In Summary:

The state of the team after two good wins.

The quick catchup: Bring On Kansas


I don't usually follow the theoretical physics of tournament-seeding prediction, but since it is the last week in January, I thought I'd take a peek... and ugh.

This one has us 16th.

I've been kindof distracted with a pitched battle with an insurance company and a small side-project and haven't been tracking any teams except the cats... might be time to start doing some recon on our potential adversaries.

oh, hello there, Duke, how's it... oh. I see. Well, I've got to say, I feel better already.

Next Up:

Kansas on Saturday, Jan 30th 7:00

Tennessee on Tuesday, Feb 2nd 7:00

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