Friday, January 22, 2016

UK Basketball: A Tale of Two Teams

We've had two games since the last Wildcat Sports, and they just about sum up the season.

We struggle to show up, and beat ourselves.. or we show up to play and win decisively.

In the interest protecting my emotional health, I'm choosing to dwell on the wins against Duke and Louisville. All the rest? Just browsing.

Calipari's not panicked, which is reassuring, but not nearly as reassuring as if he'd said, say.. "confident" or "optimistic"...

What we're still ready to believe about this group (and what's looking less likely).

And more 'State of the Team' stuff.

Last Saturday:

The cats blew a 12 point lead in 6 minutes. And there's not much more worth saying about it.

Except maybe that because they stormed the court, Auburn was hit with a $100,000 fine. So there's that, at least.*

Thursday night: 

Call shook up the lineup

And it was a good night to be a cat.

*Seriously, doesn't it say something about the state of college sports, that the fine for students running onto the court after a game is $100,000.

Grab you day planner and a pencil:

Saturday 23rd vs Vandy @ 4:00

Wednesday 27th vs Mizzou @ 7:00

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