Friday, January 15, 2016

WildcatSports: A Nerve-Wracking Season and Sanctions for Mizzou

Holy Moly, what a season. Usually by now the team's starting to gel and we're starting to have some fun... this team seems determined to keep us in suspense right up until Tournament time!

We're 13-3, but the inconsistency's what makes it so nerve-wracking.

It's a crazy season everywhere.

What happened against Mississippi State Including lots of basketball stuff along with Cal's new inspirational speech. 10 bucks his new book "You are your own winning ticket" is out by this time next year.

New rules for NBA auditions

Cal's take on the new rules, the players, and other stuff.

The Pre-Auburn Press Conference

Holy Sanctions, Mizzou. The hard spot in my heart that still believes they have no business in a South Eastern conglomerate of collegiate athletics says "hah!".

But I do feel sorry for Tulsa. More specific info about what went down.

Set Your VCR:

Saturday 16th 4:00 @ Auburn

Thursday 21st 7:00 @ Arkansas

It's been forever since the last Wildcat Sports edition. Good to be back on track!

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