Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Xmas Stuff: The Ridiculous Gift Guide

Like everyone else with a blog I have a fun gift-guide in the works, but before we get to that, here are five gifts I stumbled on while online shopping that I am begging you not to buy.  For a variety of reasons the are just ridiculous items, that I truly believe no-one should own. (I apologize for the extra snark, but some rude folks at the store have left me somewhat Grinch-y. Just hoping the sarcasm is fun, and not over the top, and out of my system through blog-writing so the folks I'll see in-person today will be spared, ha!)

How to Split Wood

A book that explains how to chop wood and polish silver. You know who could teach you to chop wood? My dad. And when you're done with that, he's got some other chores for you. In my head I've re-titled this: "a sad commentary on the lack of skills-transfer between generations".

Inheritance Sofa

A $5,000 sofa that is useless for naps. 'Hand-crafted' out of belts and old army duffle bags. 'Ridiculously uncomfortable' is not a feature I look for in a couch. And the fact that they used actual vintage WWII army duffle bags for this is a travesty.

Make Your Own Ukulele Kit

Because musical instruments are not Ikea furniture. Sign up your friend for a workshop experience at a luthier's. Or give them a Uke, some lessons, and and tickets to a Jake Shimabukuro concert. But 'some assembly required' is a weird feature for ukulele's.

Toothpaste Tube-Wringer

A good rule of thumb - things that make mornings more difficult and complicated have no business appearing in Christmas stockings.

Friends T-shirt

When your hipster niece wears this 'vintage' t-shirt ironically, it is going to make me feel old.

Be safe out there, gift-finding is a treacherous business. 

(As usual, any links to Amazon are through Am-Associates, but the other links are not through affiliate programs. In all cases, opinions are my own.)

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