Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Xmas Gifts: The $25ish Gift List

This year, the adult kids in the family decided to do a gift exchange with $25 gift limit, and it has been so much fun. I love the limit because it gets you to think a little creatively about what the person might like/use and also the chance to find something a little unique.

In past years, there were times when I thought I found the perfect gift for someone, but went with something else because I knew the other gifts would be more expensive. $25 Gift exchange. Highly recommend it.

Here are some things that I stumbled on while shopping for my gift-exchange-person that were great gift ideas... for someone else. (So I think I'm safe posting without giving away any hints).

At the same time, these are not a wish-list. (Important note for family members, who despite the note, will still call me later to see if it is a wish-list. It is not.) It's just stuff I thought was cool and fits in the under-$25 limit.


As usual, the Amazon links are linked to my affiliate account, but the rest are just open links to the sites.

If you're doing any online shopping, Ebates is great -- it helps you find discounts and get cashback at different sites. If you haven't signed up yet, you can support the blog by using my referral link.

Without further adieu, The $25(ish) Gift List:

For Almost Anyone Who Drinks Coffee And Has Ever Watched Star Wars

When your coffee needs a little kick.. extra sugar and the force. Coffee mugs are great, because they are an easy opportunity for folks to show some personality, without the commitment of a 12 piece stormtrooper-themed dining set.

Extra credit: a bag of your favorite local coffee, and a light-saber coffee stirrer (not pictured because I just made it up.)


Force Of Action Mug - ModCloth

For Almost Anyone Who Has To Wake Up In The Morning And Has Ever Watched Star Wars

Because: Storm Trooper Alarm Clock. And the Darth Vadar coffee mug will need minions.


Storm Trooper Alarm Clock - Amazon

For The Creative Type Looking For A New Project

Find a cool online class, like this one on SkillShare, and then track down the supplies for it, like this art-quality pen set, and drawing paper or journal.


Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers - Amazon

For The Mystery-Solving Board-Game Lover

Clue is great, but I received 221 B Baker Street for a birthday in 4th or 5th grade, and loved it. Mystery-solving fun, and your board-game-loving gift-receiver probably doesn't have it yet.


221 B Baker Street Mystery Game Board Game - Amazon

For The Well-Traveled Nomad Nostagic For Her Home State

I love state-themed gifts for folks that have lived in different places. It shows a little thought went into remembering the gift-receiver's history, and it's an opportunity for them to share stories from that era.


State Seal TShirt - Scoutmob

View larger image of Large Popcorn BowlFor The Netflix Binge-watching Movie Buff

Add some popcorn and a giftcard for a movie download or theater ticket, and it becomes its own gift-basket!


Popcorn Bowl - Crate and Barrel

For The Organized Girl Who Can Always Use One More Accessory

Fun, cute, and useful for so many different things. Extra credit: add a small notebook and pens, or some hair ties, or a bracelet... (Confession: I could have posted about a dozen things from Scoutmob -- Check out the Art Prints, too)


Ocean Waves Print Zip Pouch - Scoutmob

For The Chef Who Can Always Use More Cute Kitchen Accessories: 

These are so cute, and so affordable. Mini nesting bowls, and for extra credit, add some measuring cups, or dish towels, or stirring spoons... so many options!

$2.95 Each

Baker Light Blue Mini Bowl - Crate and Barrel

Hopefully these were a good start to get the ideas going -- of course there are always books (I recommend the Wright Brothers to almost anyone, but especially Carolina or Ohio folks). And check out Bourbon and Boots, which has some really cute things for just over the $25 mark.

Also, don't forget to check out local craft fairs and farmer's markets! Winston has a couple secret ones that I stumbled on this year, which will definitely make an appearance on next year's blog.

Happy gifting, yal.

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