Saturday, December 19, 2015

Wildcat Sports: Playing OSU, and Playing Catchup

I keep thinking we can put football away for the year, and it just keeps coming back. This drama this week:

We lost a coach

We kept a coach

A Cat goes to Boston

But with that out of the way, I've just got to lay it out for you -- between travel, a bout of illness, and a conflicting patriotic obligation.. I haven't watched basketball since Thanksgiving weekend.

Which is a terrible thing to admit, on a blog or otherwise.

We still have one loss, right? That wasn't a bad dream? And we traded Patrick Towles for a new player? And then the Nets declared a mid-season draft and moved the team to Brooklyn?

Today I'm jumping back in, (just in time for the Christmas hiatus, gah) and hopefully these trusty links can get me caught up and sorted out.

The State of the SEC

Me, Worry?

Who Are The Ohio State Buckeyes

Words to live by

Greetings to the newest Cat

Game: Today at 3:30 in New York City 
Next up: Dec 26th against L'ville

Don't forget to send Santa your letters for a win over L'ville, and a long run into March!

Hasta luego, and Feliz Navidad, yal.

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