Saturday, December 5, 2015

Wildcat Sports: Calamity Jane Edition

Good Grief. Hibernate for a week, and the whole world falls apart. (And in much bigger ways than Sports, but today I'm sticking with the stuff played out on fields and courts.)

I'm not going to say the KSR road trip is to blame for the UCLA loss.. I'm just saying there's no such thing as coincidence... But perhaps a new set of road trip rules may be in order, or maybe they will have the sense to take a square of bluegrass or a Calipari Bobble-head or something for the next one.

Football seems ages ago, but the calendar says it says it was only last week. Bummer of a game, bummer of a season. In perspective, a 5-7 Kentucky season is not that bad but it hurts because we were so close to putting the pieces together.

My take has always been that I can accept that we're building a program, but the management issues are what's so frustrating (game management, play calling, counting of players on the field -- I'll stop complaining about it when it stops happening)

Shannon Dawson.. is the Billy Gillispie of football

The Recap and Look Ahead

A sad farewell and best wishes to Towles

Basketball had a rough week as well, but since I didn't get to watch the games, it doesn't sting quite as bad. They are still the team that beat Duke, and I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that they will snap out of it and remember that.

What happened against Illinois State:

Rough game without Ulis

Rough game all around

What happened at UCLA: 

We were soft

We were outplayed

Whatever could go wrong, did go wrong

“You have to play with joy. You have to have fun playing. You can’t do that if the other team is punching you in the face and you’re not swinging back,” Calipari said.  “You’ll never play with joy.”

Next Up:

Wed Dec 9: Eastern Kentucky 7:00

Sat Dec 12: Arizona State 3:15

So no games this weekend, but that's what the UKBasketballLive Replay List is for. The only question -- whether to catch up on this week's games or pick a couple feel-good winners.

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