Saturday, November 21, 2015

Wildcat Sports: The Cats Beat Duke and I'm Happy Til March.

Kentucky beat Duke Tuesday night and whatever else happens this year, I'll be a happy girl the rest of the season. (Until the tournament, of course. This feels like a good year for a National Championship to me....)

I'm still basking in the highlights. And reading the recaps. I anticipate a re-watch over Turkey weekend. Because Kentucky Basketball.

Then Friday night we invited Wright State to hang out and we played like like it was a pub shuffleboard match. A win but Cal wasn't happy, which is always reassuring. A happy Cal this early in the season would worry me..

We also scored some big recruits this week, but to be honest I don't really track that stuff. Vivre l'instant

This week's games:

Tuesday: Boston U 9:00 @ Rupp
Friday: South Florida 5:00 @ USF

There may or may not have been a football game last weekend, but if there was it was beyond painful.

The worst part is that they keep giving me hope, only to pull it away (link especially appropriate given the role of special teams in the ridiculousness last week. Just sayin.)

This week the cats take on the mighty Charlotte something or others and they're starting the other QB.

Today: 7:30 @ New Commonwealth

I still hold out hope that they will take my wish-list under advisement. But beating Duke really puts everything in perspective, ya know? I mean, hey, it's only football. 

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