Monday, November 9, 2015

Music: Chris Stapleton

As a rule, I tend to avoid award shows. There's always so much awkwardness with the speeches, and I almost never agree with who wins...

But they do have one redeeming feature, which is that the after-show buzz usually reveals something I should start paying attention to. (I've fully accepted my status as a late adopter. 'iPhone', you say? Sounds swell.)

In the case of the CMA's last week, that buzz was the incredible Chris Stapleton.

My invaluable research assistant (aka: Dad) stumbled on this excellent write-up of Chris' CMA victory party, from the Washington Post

And then found this wonderful Tiny Desk (NPR) performance. (I really should give him a raise..)

In spite of the New Artist award, Stapleton's been hanging out in Nashville for a while, writing songs for folks like Alison Krauss and playing bluegrass with the Steeldrivers. (The Steeldrivers, sans-Stapleton, were just in Muscle Shoals, btw).

The album at Amazon: Traveller

Tennessee Whiskey is the obvious first choice

But my second might be When The Stars Come Out

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