Wednesday, November 4, 2015

GuiltyTv: Shows, Sick Days, and Comfort Food

If it seems like I'm phoning it in this week, it's just because I am. A couple days spent on the other side of 'well', and life, the blog, and everything, are all a bit askew.

Monday was good for nothing but sleep, but Tuesday was spent deep-diving into Amazon and Netflix. Here's the sick-day comfort-food shortlist, and I will seeya on Friday:

- Maxwell and King: One fleeting season... All the pieces for something great, but just didn't take off. Edgar, especially, is a character that needs to be somewhere.

- Leverage: So many crazy heists. So many crazy connections to other shows. Especially Star Trek. I know, right?

- The Librarians: A lighthearted mashup of Indiana Jones and Dr Who, from the folks who brought us Leverage.

- Seriously, there's a Bermuda Triangle of cast and crew for these three. One of my back-burner data project ideas is based on it. Sort-of. Long story, for a less fuzzy-headed day.

- Add to that a good dose of real food and sleep, and hopefully I'll be on the mend post-haste.

- Hon. Mention: If tomorrow's not a well-day, I think a binge-re-watch of Emma - the 2009 version, is in order...

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