Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wildcat Sports: Auburn Gameday and BBM

'Twas the night before Madness, and the rest of sports is just nuts...

     Spurrier retired resigned

     Grier was suspended

     The Cubs are winning games in October

     Louisville is.. still Louisville

Entropy, people.

Let's play some Thursday Night Football!

Gridiron Kickoff: 7:00 THURS @ New Commonwealth [ESPN]

BBM: 7:00 FRI @ Rupp [SEC]

but there's pregame stuff for both

Who Are the Auburn Tigers

Answers to all of your questions about Life, The Universe, And The Auburn Game

The Orange Ball Breakdown

Also: This How-To Guide to Taylor-gating is the best thing ever and should be read at halftime as a mid-game pick-me-up.

Also: "Halftime entertainment" should be a regular addition to Wildcat Sports. I will make a note...

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