Friday, August 28, 2015

Local Life: BDL at HRO

Around this part of the world, for the past few years, High Rock Outfitters has been The Place to see music. (Yeah, you heard me Garage. Ziggy's, we're not even going to talk about what happened to you when you moved downtown....)

Steel Wheels. Wood Brothers. Possum Jenkins.... So many great bands have rolled through there, in between stops at bigger venues, because of how special it was.

There's a kind of magic between the folks running it, and the bands invited to play and the folks driving down for a show. It wasn't just about making place for music, but about building community and creating a space for the two to happen together.

BDL at High Rock

But Sunday will be the last show there for awhile, and it is sure to be a heart breaking, bittersweet, special night, with the wonderful folks from Big Daddy Love. They've  been an HRO mainstay and the two groups really grew up together. They've played all over now, and even opened Bob Seger in Raleigh. (Then the next night, rolled into Lex and played an incredible, memorable concert for the folks they call family.) But HR has been something of a home base, and you could tell before a concert there that it was less performance, more backyard party with all the neighbors invited.

So it is fitting and right for them to play this one last show at High Rock. It will be a homecoming. And a reunion. And you are forewarned that there will certainly be tears. But if you ask the right person they might share some of their peach moonshine to toast with.

If you can be there, go.

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  1. Thanks for the report...hopefully they will be back soon..